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Tampa Tableaux is a series of site-specific dance shorts filmed at iconic Tampa Bay Area locations. The films serves as representation for the growing community of young and thriving urban artists in the the Tampa Bay area. Once a month we will be releasing a new dance short film in a new location. Tampa Bay artists of all kinds will be highlighted and will contribute in areas of dance, choreography, music, production, and filming. 


This project will have a postivive impact on the Hillsborough County arts community by generating an awareness of the thriving community of young urban dancers, musicians and artists that reside and create here. Each short intends to showcase an iconic Tampa Bay area location using dance and music as tools to highlight its attributes. By placing the dancers in specific locations, the film series will create a clear and direct link between the Tampa Bay area and its burgeoning urban artists. With the potential of being seen by large audiences, this series will solidify the existence of a community of young urban artists in the Tampa Bay area for viewers, local and non-local. The series is intended to spark viewers’ interests in the arts community of Tampa Bay and in turn develop support for it. 


Help us reach our goal!


Jenne Elise (Artistic Director)

Jamie Murphy (left) Crystal DelGuidice (top left) Rachel Jimenez (top center) Jenne Elise (center) Kiara Narvaez (center right) Nicole Alvarado (bottom right)

Kiara Narvaez & Robert Kelley

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